New Owners and New Energy

On March 13th we purchased the Blue Agave, a well known restaurant in Historic Federal Hill. From that day we’ve been doing our best to ask the Federal Hill community what they would like to see change, and more importantly, stay the same. After 7 weeks of gathering information, and tasting A LOT of tequila, we think we’ve got it! On May 7th we will be temporarily closing to implement all of these changes. Our goal is to be re-opened by May 17th, but stay posted… nothing ever goes according to plan!

I hope I’ve sparked your curiosity, and now you’re asking yourself “What Changes?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are just some of the great new idea’s we have to bring the Blue Agave back to it’s original state, the Best Mexican Restaurant in Baltimore!

To start, we will be open for lunch and dinner everyday! Opening at 11AM, serving food till 1AM every night, no ones going hungry! Brunch will still be a Sunday staple serving up Mexican inspired dishes, and bottomless cocktails… everybody wins!

Thanks to Michelle Madella’s inspirational pleading, we will have a Gluten Free menu, including Gluten Free beer!

We know how important it is to find kid friendly places for all the new parents living in Federal Hill, so a kid’s menu will be here waiting for you.