Federal Hill Mexican Restaurant


6.99 Guacamole Fresco

Made daily with fresh avocado, lime, cilantro, chiles, tomato and onion served with fresh fried corn chips.

7.99 Mushroom & Garlic Empanadas

Flakey turnovers stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, and guajillo chiles with a green chile sauce

7.99 Chorizo Empanadas

House made chorizo sausage, jack cheese, mole chatino & lime creme

7.99 Jalepeños Relleno

Jalepeños stuffed with queso, fresh herbs, and shrimp with lime crema and red chile sauce.

6.99 Queso Fundito

Four melted cheeses and cilantro, melted to order & served with flour tortillas.
Add jumbo lump crab meat for 3.00
Add house made chorizo for 2.00

10.99 Blue Agave Mussels

Prince Edward Island Mussels sautéed in a smoked chile cream sauce, habañero rouille and served with pan tostado.

12.99 Calamari Mexicana

Cornmeal crusted calamari, flash fried and served with a mango-serrano salsa, mixed greens and chipotle aioli.

12.49 Shrimp Quesadilla

Grilled tequila-lime shrimp and and jack cheese garnished with pico de gallo and arugula.

14.99 The Agave Sampler

An assortment of shrimp quesadilla, chile and cheese tamal, jalepeno rellenos, fresh guacamole, pico de gallo & your choice of empanada (mushroom or chorizo)

Market Ceviche

Fresh fish/seafood cured in hand squeezed lime juice, tossed with red onion, chiles, tomato & select ingredients of the day.

8.99 Guacamole Rojo

Spicy and smoky chipotle, mixed with traditional guacamole topped with queso cotija


Cup 4.99 | Bowl 6.99 Black Bean Soup

Pureed and topped with lime crema, cotija cheese, and pico
Add Chorizo $2

Cup 4.99 | Bowl 6.99 Chicken Tortilla Soup

Spicy and thick tomato soup with chicken and avocado. Topped with tortilla strips and cotija cheese.

Sopa de Dia

Ask your server about our chef’s daily soup creation.


5.99 House Salad

Spring mix, jicama slaw, orange slices, avocado slices & toasted pumpkin seeds tossed in an orange pepita vinaigrette **MAKE IT AN ENTREE SALAD**
Add Grilled Chicken $4
Grilled Atlantic Salmon $7
Blackened Shrimp $7
Ahi Grade Tuna $9

6.99 Caesar Salad

Whole romaine leaves tossed in house made Caesar dressing topped with cotija cheese and tortilla strips.
Add Grilled Chicken $4
Grilled Atlantic Salmon $7
Blackened Shrimp $7
Ahi Grade Tuna $9

7.99 Cabra de Queso (Goat Cheese)

Mesclun tossed in prickly pear vinaigrette with encrusted goat cheese, red onion, dried cherries and candied walnuts.
Add Grilled Chicken $4
Grilled Atlantic Salmon $7
Blackened Shrimp $7
Ahi Grade Tuna $9

Taco Salad

A fried flour tortilla bowl filled with romaine lettuce, black beans, corn salsa, pico de gallo, Chihuahua cheese and avocado. Served with chipotle ranch.
Grilled Chicken 12.99
Shrimp 13.99
Carne Asada 13.99
Fried Avocado 12.99
Blackened Fish 12.99

Agave Specialties

24.99 Mariscada

Mussels, calamari, shrimp and scallops in a picante, roasted garlic, and wine sauce atop a plantain and poblano chile black rice.

20.99 Salmon Veracruz

Pan seared Atlantic salmon filet with an authentic Veracruz sauce on a bed of pesto rice

17.99 Portabella Relleno

Roasted portabella mushroom stuffed with goat cheese and a seasonal vegetable filling topped with pico de gallo. Served with agave rive and topped with mole chatino.

17.99 Chile Relleno

Roasted poblano chile with Mexican cheeses, grilled corn and roasted garlic in a mole chatino sauce with pico de gallo and agave rice.

19.99 Puerco Cocoa

Cocoa rubbed pork medallions, pan seared and served with garlic mashed potatoes, cactus salad and mole poblano

18.99 Piña Grilled Mahi-Mahi

Grilled Mahi Mahi and pineapple sauce, topped with chayote and bean salsa. Served with pesto rice and sautéed mushrooms

19.99 Chipotle Pollo Skewers

Chicken breast marinated in a chipotle lime sauce skewered between fresh peppers and red onion. Grilled and served with red chile rice and black beans.

20.99 Lamb Birria

A traditional celebration dish! Slow roasted lamb chopped and served in a flavorful stew. Served with red chile rice, flour tortillas, cotija cheese and toasted almonds


18.99 Carne Asada

Grilled skirt steak (cooked to order) sliced and served with sautéed onions and peppers with sides of crema, shredded chese, lettuce and pico de gallo.
Order for one 18.99
Order for two 27.99

16.99 Grilled Pollo

Tender chicken breast grilled to perfection sliced and served with sautéed onions and peppers with sides of crema, shredded cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo.
Order for one 16.99
Order for two 25.99

19.99 Grilled Camerones

Tequila and lime marinated shrimp, grilled and served with sautéed onions and peppers with sides of crema, shredded cheese, cabbage and pico de gallo with 3 flour tortillas.
Order for one 19.99
Order for two 29.99

Fajita Combination

Choose 2 (Carne asada, Grilled pollo, Blackened shrimp or portobello mushrooms) Fajitas for 1 19.99 Fajitas for 2 29.99


Three soft flour tortilla tacos served with Mexican rice and black beans. (corn tortillas also available)

Pollo (pulled or grilled chicken) 12.99
Carne Asada (grilled skirt steak) 14.99
Pescado (blackened tilapia) 13.99
Adobo Camerones (tequila shrimp) 14.99
Hongo (portobello mushrooms) 12.99
Aquacate (beer battered avocado) 12.99

14.99 Tacos al Pastor

Traditional seasoned pork on corn tortillas with a pina & jicama salsa and lime crema. Red chile rice & refried beans

15.99 Ropa Vieja

Slow cooked Certified Angus Beef Skirt Steak, pulled and topped with avocado, cilantro & diced onion on corn tortillas. Black beans and red chile rice

19.99 Tacos Atun

Rare ahi grade tuna on corn tortillas with a black bean spread, chipotle slaw & avocado. Black beans & pesto rice


Wrapped in a flour tortilla

13.99 de Pollo

Tender pulled chicken rolled with refried beans and cotija cheese. Red chile rice and mole verde.

15.99 Carne Asada

Grilled skirt steak rolled with black beans and cotija cheese. Agave rice and red chile rice.
Substitute House Made Chorizo sausage.

19.99 Los Dos Burritos

Smaller versions of the same great burritos! Choose 2: de Pollo, Carne Asada, or Vegetable.

Free* el Toro Grande

A 2 foot monster burrito filled with chicken, beef, vegetables and 2 jalepeños. If you finish in 30 minutes, you WIN! Get your name on the wall, and a t-shirt. If not, you pay 36.99*

$13.99 el Vegetal

Seasonal vegetables rolled with black beans and jack cheese on a bed of pesto rice. Topped with green chile sauce and guacamole.


Three soft corn tortillas filled and baked

16.99 Pollo Verde

Tender pulled chicken with Mexican cheeses in a green onion chile sauce topped with red onions and cotija cheese. Red chile rice and refried beans.

16.99 Pollo Mole Poblano

Tender pulled chicken with Mexican cheeses in a house-made Mole Poblano sauce. Agave rice and black beans.

15.99 Flor de Jamaica

Creamy cheese, hibiscus petails, beets, and carrots. Served on a bed of pesto rice. Topped with rojo salsa, lime crema & jicama slaw

17.99 Carne Rojo

Gilled skirt steak with Mexican cheeses in a house-made red chile sauce. Served with pesto rice and black beans.

17.99 Chorizo

House made chorizo sausage with Mexican cheese topped with rojo sauce. Served with pesto rice & black beans


Pesto Rice
Red Chile Rice
Black Beans
Refried Beans
Chipotle Slaw
Seasonal Vegetables
Sauteed Mushrooms & Corn
Sweet Potato Mash
Elote (Grilled corn on the cob with lime crema and cotija cheese)


7 Tres Leches Cake

Traditional Mexican cake soaked in 3 milks, topped with cinnamon whipped cream and toasted almonds

7 Creme Stuffed Churros

Bavarian creme stuffed churros with a cinnamon sugar dusting, served with Mexican chocolate dipping sauce

Mexican Soda

3 Mexican Coke

Coke bottled in Mexico using sugar cane as the sweetener (not high fructose corn syrup)


Served Saturday and Sunday 11am - 3pm Sides Bacon - $2 Chorizo - $2 Two Eggs - $3

$10 Breakfast Burrito

A flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, black beans & queso cotija, topped with red chile sauce. Served with brunch potatoes.  Add house made chorizo for $2. 

$10 Huevos Rancheros

Two fried eggs atop fried corn tortillas and refried beans, one with red chile sauce, the other with verde sauce & crema. Served with brunch potatoes and guacamole.

$13 Huevos Puebla

Thick toast topped with refried beans, ham, skirt steak, two sunny side up eggs and a creamy cheese sauce. Served with potatoes..best.breakfast.ever!

$10 French Toast

Thick slices of sweet cinnamon Texas toast topped with mixed berries. Served with tequila maple syrup.

$10 Tres Leches Pancakes

Pancakes soaked in three milks for everyone who loves a good dessert for breakfast! Topped with mixed berries

$12 One Eyed Burger

A fried egg atop an 8 ounce CAB jalepeno burger with bacon, jack cheese and chipotle mayonnaise. Served with brunch potatoes.

$11 Eggs Enchilada Verde

Three corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs topped with melted cheese, verde mole and avocado slices. Served with brunch potatoes

$10 Tampico Omelet

Three egg omelet with mushrooms, zucchini, onions and jack cheese. Served with brunch potatoes

$10 Mexican Omelet

Three egg omelet made with house chorizo sausage & cotija cheese topped with mole chatino. Served with brunch potatoes.

$14 Omelet of the Sea

Three egg omelet with jumbo lump crab meat, shrimp, scallops and jack cheese. Served with brunch potatoes.

$14 Steak & Eggs

Two eggs (scrambled or fried) with grilled CAB skirt steak and white toast. Served with brunch potatoes.

Niño Brunch

12 and under, please.

$5 French Toast

Two slices of Texas toast dipped in eggs & cinnamon with a dollup of cinnamon whipped cream. Served with bacon or applesauce

$5 Pancakes

Two fluffy pancakes with maple syrup. Served with bacon or apple sauce.

$5 Two Eggs

Two scrambled eggs topped with melted jack cheese. Served with bacon or applesauce.

Brunch Cocktails

Brunch Cocktails are $15 with the purchase of an entree and includes white sangria, red sangria, Sol Cerveza, and mimosas.