Beat the Heat with a Watermelon Margarita!

Watermelons, great for bbq’s on hot summer days, seed spitting contests, Bubble Yum bubble gum… and now MARGARITAS!  We spent tens of minutes developing a recipe that not only invigorates the taste buds, it eliminates sobriety! We start with a fresh seedless watermelon and taste it, because we really like watermelon. Once we are satisfied, we chop it up and throw it in the blender with a sprinkle of salt, just like mamma used to.  Just like freshness matters with fruit, quality matters with liquor. We use a loooong 4 count of Jose Cuervo Tradicional silver (the tier of tequila above your college Jose, made with 100% agave). While pouring the tequila, we use our other hand to pour a 2 count of Patron Citronge (Patron’s orangey delicious liquor). Then a good 2 ounces of our watermelon pureé and finished with a splash of our fresh, house made sour mix. Now we shake it like a polaroid picture and pour it into a salt rimmed glass garnished with a lime (the green lime and red drink remind us of christmas… who doesn’t like getting gifts!) We suggest using this refreshing treat to wash down some Carne Asada tacos!